Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Whales are still here!

P.D. and her 2008 calf in Grand Passage!

Even though we haven't been whale watching since October 14th, that doesn't mean that the whales are gone. Normally, the whales leave here by this time to make their way to the Caribbean for the breeding and calving season which takes place in the winter. For some reason, there were still four that hadn't made that journey yet. I'm sure there are more as I have been hearing the odd report that whales are still being seen from shore.
Today these four humpback whales were seen in Grand Passage, the body of water that runs between Brier and Long Islands. It was easy to identify them from shore as they were quite close. They were P.D. and her 2008 calf, Flame but I was unable to identify the fourth individual.

Hmmm, maybe we stopped whale watching too soon!

Four humpbacks in Grand Passage!