Saturday, June 29, 2013

Great Start to the Season!

Whale watching has been great since we commenced our 2013 season in May.  The humpbacks made an early appearance and we are hoping that  they will stay in the area.  But they do need to eat and will follow the food wherever it may be.  So far, we have sighted 7 mother and calf humpback pairs and we have documented 44 individual humpbacks so far.  Not only are we seeing humpback whales near Brier Island, we are also see minke whales and fin whales.  We have also sighted Atlantic White Sided Dolphins, Atlantic White Beaked Dolphins and Harbor Porpoises.  We have also witnessed a variety of behaviours such as breaching, flipper slapping, tail lobbing and tail breaching.  Looks like a great beginning to the season!