Sunday, August 30, 2009

Humpbacks are close to Brier Island!

Whale watching continues to be at its best ! No two cruises are the same as we tell everyone who steps aboard our boats. This proved to be true on August 25th when we watched several whale surface feeding on herring only a quarter mile from shore!! It all strated when we spotted Baton (one of our adopt a whales) who was kick feeding. He would use his tail to create a bubble cloud which would corral the herring and concentrate it so that he could get more fish with one gulp. We also noticed more spouts southwest of us and when we approashed, they were feeding as well. One of them was identified as Triton, an adult male that we haven't sighted here since 2004.

Other whales that have been sighted in the past week are: Kalimba, Scythe, Partition, Capella, Salvo, Quote, Raindrop, Grommet, Baton, Vector,Hopper, Calanus, Wigwam, and Southpaw.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hurricane Bill

All cruises today were cancelled because of hurricane Bill so I took advantage of the photo opportunity of the wave action at Pond Cove. Oh the power of the sea!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Great Day with Lacuna!

Lacuna continues to be the star of the show!
This humpback whale was first sighted in the Bay of Fundy in 2003 but didn't really exhibit any curious behaviour until recent years, and now he just won't stop, and we're not complaining. We're not sure what makes him so friendly but he tends to do so when he is alone. When he is with other whales he couldn't be bothered with the boat.
On the latest occasion, he approached from the stern and then go under the boat only to reappear at the side, spyhopping to have a look at everyone on board. He made sure that the people on the other side saw him as well as he swam under the boat. He then went to the back of the boat and flipper slapped very close as if trying to get everyone wet and he did indeed! Humpback whales are the gentle giants.
We are sighting new individuals daily such as: Blanco, Sockeye, Quarternote, Maelstrom and Prongs.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bay of FUNday!

Spy hopping Gremlin

Hi everyone! What a great day to be on the Bay of Fundy! Our cruises have been excellent with sightings of humpbacks on every cruise! On our most recent cruises, we have seen lots of activity including groups of active humpback whales. Gremlin, Flame, and Luna joined up with Flash and Rooftop and seemed to be causing quite a stir! Gremlin woften spy hop as if looking at the boat or the other whales. During the evening cruise, Patchwork entertained us by coming quite close to the boat where he would flipper slap and tail lob.

We were glad to see some favourites return in the last few days such as: Rooftop, Istar, Jurassic, Squiggle and her 2009 calf, Willow, Mallard and Flame.
Juvenile Northern Gannet

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lacuna is back!

Hi everyone! Whale watching continues to be spectacular especiall with the arrival of one of our all-time favourite humpback whales, Lacuna! He is known to be a very friendly whale and last evening he lived up to our expectations. We were about to go by him without seeing him when beside us we saw a huge whale breach! We waited for the whale to surface and he did, right beside the boat. He entertained everyone by rolling next to the boat and showing us his massive tail.
Lacuna beside the whale watch boat!
The night before was exceptional as well! We had watched NAHWC# 0034 (She has no name) on both cruises and we headed to the same place on the sunset cruise to relocate her. We did find her, but she had joined up with several other whales in the area! In total, we counted 22 humpback whales, some travelling in groups as many as 8! Humpbacks are usually solitary by nature so this was extraordinary in itself!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunny days are here again!

The sun finally broke through and awarded us once again with some amzing whale watching! We were so pleased to see a humpback named Tab return to Brier Island as he is one of our favourites and the most frequently sighted since we started keeping track of the indiviuals in 1984. He has been sighted every year since that time having only missed 2 years including 2008 so we were very happy with his return!
Yesterday we sighted three humpbacks together; Badge, Littlespot and Mocha. Badge was quite active, flipper slapping next to the boat.
Some of the others that we have identified are: Yurt, Jigger, and Fist.
Bird sightings are outstanding! In the last few days we have seen hundreds of sooty shearwaters! There have also been Northern Fulmars, Greater Shearwaters, Northern Gannet, a Razorbill and Red Phalaropes.