Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bay of FUNday!

Spy hopping Gremlin

Hi everyone! What a great day to be on the Bay of Fundy! Our cruises have been excellent with sightings of humpbacks on every cruise! On our most recent cruises, we have seen lots of activity including groups of active humpback whales. Gremlin, Flame, and Luna joined up with Flash and Rooftop and seemed to be causing quite a stir! Gremlin woften spy hop as if looking at the boat or the other whales. During the evening cruise, Patchwork entertained us by coming quite close to the boat where he would flipper slap and tail lob.

We were glad to see some favourites return in the last few days such as: Rooftop, Istar, Jurassic, Squiggle and her 2009 calf, Willow, Mallard and Flame.
Juvenile Northern Gannet

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