Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lacuna is back!

Hi everyone! Whale watching continues to be spectacular especiall with the arrival of one of our all-time favourite humpback whales, Lacuna! He is known to be a very friendly whale and last evening he lived up to our expectations. We were about to go by him without seeing him when beside us we saw a huge whale breach! We waited for the whale to surface and he did, right beside the boat. He entertained everyone by rolling next to the boat and showing us his massive tail.
Lacuna beside the whale watch boat!
The night before was exceptional as well! We had watched NAHWC# 0034 (She has no name) on both cruises and we headed to the same place on the sunset cruise to relocate her. We did find her, but she had joined up with several other whales in the area! In total, we counted 22 humpback whales, some travelling in groups as many as 8! Humpbacks are usually solitary by nature so this was extraordinary in itself!

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Sheila said...

I love your posts.... I check everyday to see if there's a new one... and wish I were there!