Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunny days are here again!

The sun finally broke through and awarded us once again with some amzing whale watching! We were so pleased to see a humpback named Tab return to Brier Island as he is one of our favourites and the most frequently sighted since we started keeping track of the indiviuals in 1984. He has been sighted every year since that time having only missed 2 years including 2008 so we were very happy with his return!
Yesterday we sighted three humpbacks together; Badge, Littlespot and Mocha. Badge was quite active, flipper slapping next to the boat.
Some of the others that we have identified are: Yurt, Jigger, and Fist.
Bird sightings are outstanding! In the last few days we have seen hundreds of sooty shearwaters! There have also been Northern Fulmars, Greater Shearwaters, Northern Gannet, a Razorbill and Red Phalaropes.

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marlene said...

trying to see if you have seen "rooftop" yet this year? that is the one we adopted, and would like to see if she is back