Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whale watching at its finest!

Lunge feeding on krill

Whale watching off Brier Island continues to be amazing! The humpbacks have moved in closer to Brier Island and every day we are seeing and recording new individuals. To date we have sighted three new calves in the Bay of Fundy. The mothers are Shark, Photon and Colorado. For the last two evenings we have been going out on sunset cruises and they have proven to be quite eventful. We witnessed lunge feeding, breaching, flipper slapping and tail lobbing, although this can certainly happen at any time of day.
Close approach by a humpback named Collision

Some new whales that we have identified are: Chorni (who we haven't seen since 2006), Collision, Flash, Cirrus, Lagoon, Flamingo and Half Moon.

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