Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fog Magic guessed it, we have fog! But, that doesn't deter us from whale watching and seeing whales. In fact, some of our best trips can be in the fog. Just recently, we experienced a "friendly" minke whale that seemed to be doing more people watching than anything. In normal fashion for a foggy day, we shut down our engine and listened for the whales' blows to determine their location. We heard this minke and he/she seemed to make a beeline for us! This whale stayed with us for half an hour, paralleling our course, rolling on its side allowing us to see its eye as it watched us! It was truly an awesome sight!

We have also sighted some humpbacks closer to Brier Island. They were identified as Luna, #0034 and the third has yet to be matched to the North Atlantic Humpback Whale Catalogue. No you can't order one but you can match the fluke print to the thousands of photographs that are in it!

So yes, despite its limited visibility, the fog does hold some magic!


Art MacKay said...

We too have the "magical" fog over on the "other" side of the Bay. Lots of minke and harbour porpoise sightings over here. A couple of finbacks in, but no humpback yet. Where are you getting your sightings? I would really like to add your records to our Fundy Whale Map. See the blog version at or can email your post to if you like - with a link to your whale watching site. We will post to Fundy Whale. Might attract some attention to beautiful Brier Island since we are getting visitors from all over.

I've already added some of your posts to the map, but have just used a "general location" off the Island.

Cheers and may the fog lift soon!

Art MacKay

Shelley Barnaby said...

Most of our sightings have been at the Pronga s of late, but at the time of this posting we were just about 4 miles off Brier Island. I will definitely check out your blog!