Friday, June 19, 2009

Great to see some familiar faces........uh, tails!

Greater Shearwater taking flight


The whale watching has been excellent, even though we have to go 15 miles offshore. The wait is well worth it. We have been seeing some humpbacks on these cruises and many are very familiar to us like Mr. Burns (One of our adopt a whales) who we have been seeing in the Bay of Fundy every year since 1995. Each humpback is identified by a pattern on the underside of their tail which is unique to each individual. They can range from all white, like Mr Burns, to all black and variations in between. Other humpbacks we have sighted thus far are Notchy, Downsweep, Bottelneck, Cacophony, Quixote, Highlighter and Patchwork!

Mr. Burns

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