Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Great Day with Lacuna!

Lacuna continues to be the star of the show!
This humpback whale was first sighted in the Bay of Fundy in 2003 but didn't really exhibit any curious behaviour until recent years, and now he just won't stop, and we're not complaining. We're not sure what makes him so friendly but he tends to do so when he is alone. When he is with other whales he couldn't be bothered with the boat.
On the latest occasion, he approached from the stern and then go under the boat only to reappear at the side, spyhopping to have a look at everyone on board. He made sure that the people on the other side saw him as well as he swam under the boat. He then went to the back of the boat and flipper slapped very close as if trying to get everyone wet and he did indeed! Humpback whales are the gentle giants.
We are sighting new individuals daily such as: Blanco, Sockeye, Quarternote, Maelstrom and Prongs.

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