Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The latest news from Brier Island

Good day everyone. So sorry for the long delay in the updates! The Bay of Fundy still continues to be a hot spot for whales. The September weather is very good for whale watching with bright sunny skies, excellent for scanning the water for whale spouts! The list of new calves continues to grow with the latest mother who has arrived in the Bay being Three Dots. This calf is the second for her that we know of, the first being in 2004. Our calf count is now at an amazing 21 which far exceeds any other year!
We have had new whales arriving in the Bay daily. One is an individual that has yet to be identified. We were able to get some excellent photos of the whale as it stayed with the boat for about an hour! It semed to like the water streaming from the wet exhaust of the generator! It turned on its side to have a look!
Other whales that have been sighted lately are: Champagne, Cornucopia, Clipper, Foggy, Colorado, Flame, Hopper, and Haze and her calf.

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