Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another good day on the water!

Hi everyone! The Bay of Fundy continues to abound with sightings of whales and seabirds. On today's cruise we saw three humpback whales that were identified as Orion, Froth and Teather. Orion and Teather were very active, flipper slapping, tail lobbing and Orion even approached the boat at one point!

Orion flipper slapping

On September 12th, our cruise watched a minke whale continuously breach by the boat for half an hour.

New whales to the Bay of Fundy have been: Sigma, Lace and Orion.


nic_obrien said...

Great to see...still hoping to come down to see you all next week. I would love to be on a cruise with Harold. Does he work specific ones? I will be in touch soon.


Camille18 said...

I'm looking for all available photos of Orion. I recognize the one of his fluke, and love the one of him flipper slapping! Do you have any others you could share with me? I would GREATLY appreciate it!!!
(camillemradloff at yahoo...)