Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Right Whales in Grand Passage

Humpback whale spyhopping next to the boat
Right Whale mother and calf
Right Whale in Harbour

Whale watching continues to amaze us! From the start of the day, to the end, we were witnesses to the greatest mammals on earth. To begin, Owner and Captain of the Mega Nova, Harold Graham spotted two North Atlantic Right whales in Grand Passage. This species is the rarest large whale in the world with just over 400 of them in existence. They were considered the "right" whale to hunt as their blubber layer is very thick, rendering them slow and they were easy prey for the whalers. Because of their blubber, they floated when they were killed and yielded large amounts of oil when that blubber was boiled down. There are records of one right whale yielding 75 barrels of oil!

This calf is one of nineteen that were born in the waters off the coast of Florida and Georgia this past winter.

After we watched the mom and her calf, we continued on until we found some humpback whales. We were treated to two individuals who were very curious of the boat. These whales were identified as Clutter and Mr. Burns. We also spotted Spar's 2008 calf, Downsweep and Grand Manan.

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Jelly Doughnut said...

Nice find on the mom/calf pair, but I can't tell who she is from the pic. Do you know?

There are only 7 known continuous moms... or did you find one that is not known to have calved this winter- wouldn't that be exciting!!!!

Keep up the good work, we're all proud of you down here!