Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More New Calves!

Humpback whales continue to arrive in the Bay of Fundy! We have three new mother and calf pairs in the last week and our total is 11 new calves that we have sighted in the Bay of Fundy! The latest to arrive are Lace, Vector and Foggy! We were very excited to see Foggy and her 4th calf as we have followed the entire life of Foggy since she was brought here as a calf by her mother Bermuda in 1987!

Flash's calf breaching next to our boat!

Some other new whales that we have recorded are Badge, Cacophony, Pylon and many more! The total number of individual humpback whales is now at 108! What a great season it has been!

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Dan said...

That is nice to hear about Foggy, great shot of the breach.