Friday, July 2, 2010

Surface feeding on the Bay!

Quote's 2010 calf

Surface feeding humpback whales

Quote and Rooftop

Surface feeding! You can see the baleen and the whale's palette. The ventral pleats are expanded to accomodate the mass amount of water that will be expelled as they filter the krill from the seawater.

What a great day on the Bay of Fundy today! we witnessed the very reason why these whales come into our Bay. and that is to feed on the abundance of herring and krill that can be found in these nutrient rich waters. There were many whales in the area, humpbacks, fin whales and minke whales. We watched a mother and calf humpback whale pair and their escort who was identified as Rooftop. The mother was identified as Quote who's last calf was in 2008. Mallard, an adult male was also in the vicinity.

The activity ws non stop as we watched the constant appearance of bubble clouds, a method humpbacks use to corral their prey. It was nice to have a hint as to where these whales were going to surface with their mouths agape to capture a nice big mouthful of krill.

There were lots of birds in the area too. We sighted Razorbills, Puffins, Greater Shearwaters, Sooty Shearwaters, Northern Gannets, and Wilson's Storm Petrels!

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