Saturday, July 24, 2010

What a Magnificent Day!

And magnificent it was, especially on the 1:30 pm cruise when a Magnificent Frigatebird was
sighted in the Bay of Fundy. These birds are usually found in tropical oceans, such as off the coast of Florida and south. We're not sure how it ended up in the Bay of Fundy and hope that it makes its way back to its home waters.

Also sighted on our anniversary were several humpback whales who were identified as Flash and her calf, Puppet and Baton. There were also minke whales as well as fin whales. awesome day on the Bay!


Paul G said...

Great sighting! Too bad it didn't show up for the trip on Friday evening.

Lynn said...

The 5:30 trip was awesome. Once again the crew of the Mega Nova and the whales did a wonderful job of giving me a great trip! (although I do realize you have no control over the whales! ha!) I had 3 new people with me who had never been before and they were impressed by the information given by the crew and were wowed by the whales. The sad thing is this only seems to wet my appetite to whale year seems so far away! ha! I am blessed each time I see these gentle giants.