Saturday, August 9, 2008

It can't get any better than this!

What a spectacular cruise! On August 8, 2008 we were treated to every type of humpback whale behaviour that can be seen on the feeding grounds! First of all, we watched Rooftop and her 2008 calf. Both approached the boat as if to inspect it and then the calf started to tail breach which is when they throw their tails out of the water and land on their sides. It did this several times and very close to the boat. We were never in any danger and in fact, our guests were very proud of the fact that they got splashed by a whale!

While we were watching them, the captain noticed two whales breaching the distance so we headed in their direction as they continued that behaviour much to our amusement. It is amazing to think that a 40 ton whale can have that much power in their tail to lift that enormous body that far out of the water.

We have also been pleased to see Sockeye for the last couple of days in the Bay of Fundy. He is a rather odd looking whale as he has an under bite making him look like a sockeye salmon, hence the name. He is known to be very curious and approached the Mega Nova giving us a very good look at his lower jaw.

It really cannot get any better than this!

Sockeye's under bite

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