Monday, August 4, 2008

Lacuna - The star of the season!

Eye to eye with a humpback whale!

Our whale watch cruises have been excellent with sightings of humpback whales everyday! And even in the fog! Though more difficult to locate the whales because of the reduced visibility, the end result has never been disappointing thus far! The star of the season so far has been Lacuna, an adult male that we have been sighting here in the Bay of Fundy since 2003. He has turned out to be a very curious individual and will often approach our whale watching boats. On a couple of occasions he has rubbed the bottom of the boat with his back. We knew at all times that we were never in any danger. At one point, our guest were playing music to him and he was very interested in the sound approaching very closely to where the sound was emanating. The Captain was on the bow watching the whale and sat on the pulpit which is at the bow of the boat. Lacuna surfaced under him and Spouted directly under him, surrounding Harold in a cloud of whale spray! We like to think that this was deliberate!

Another favourite has been Rooftop and her 2008 calf. The calf has also turned pout to be very curious and will often flipper slap and roll next to the boat.

Playing music to Lacuna!
Other humpbacks that have been identified are: Python, Cirrus, Quote and calf, Sunburst and Patches.

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