Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sightings are Great!

Whales a plenty! We are just amazed at the number of whales that continue to frequent the Nova Scotia side of the Bay of Fundy and we seem to be seeing different individual humpack whales everyday. We have now documented 17 new calves to the Bay of Fundy. Although not quite to last year's record of 19, we still have a bit of time to go and anxiously await to see if there are more to come. THe Gulf of Maine's entire population, of which our whales are included, is around 800 humpbacks. We have had a report that the calf count is now at 77, an all time high! THe latest mothers to arrive to the Bay of Fundy are Vibes and NAHWC#0034.

Our sunset cruises have been awesome with lots of activity! Sockeye continues to amuse us and we have had a new friendly whale join the ranks. His name is Scream and the last time we saw him was in 2006. We are so glad that he retuned to the Bay of Fundy!

There has been an increase in sightings of right whales the last few days. This species is usually found in the Grand Manan Basin which is about 20 miles north from Brier Island so they are not usually seen on our cruises which are only about 5 miles from the island.

We have identified some new humpback whales in our area. They are: Vee, Ase, Churchill, Scream, Wigwam, Arch, Peajack, Cone, and Slingshot.


Sheila said...

We visited Brier Island for several days a few years ago and did a whale watch.( the weather kept us down to one) Since then I've tried to keep up with reports, tho last year I could never find any.
I just appreciate you taking the time to post for us, and hope I can just come back one more time before my ashes are spread among the beautiful whales.
Thank you so much. I might add that that time was the first for being seasick and was I ever! It was just rough and I'd eaten too much breakfast at the Brier Island Lodge!

Alice said...

Thank you so much for a wonderful whale watch. We are still a bit awestruck!
Here is a short video and some photo's from the amazing trip: