Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The month of "Fogust"

Luna tail lobbing

The fog continues to linger over the Bay of Fundy! We have had a bit of reprieve and have been delighted with the amount of whales that are present near Brier Island. Spouts from the whales could be seen and heard in every direction! We were able to identify many of the individual humpbacks and were pleased to document some new calves! Our calf count in the Bay of Fundy is now at 15. The latest new mothers to arrive in the Bay are: Bungee, Clamp, Milkyway, and Teather. Sadly, we have to report that the last time that Rooftop was seen, she did not have her calf with her. Other humpback whales that have been sighted are: Doublet, Tusk, Sickle, Hopper, Cloud (the oldest whale of known age, born in 1977 to Istar), Peajack, Pendiente and Tigris.

We will be celebrating our 22nd anniversary on August 22nd and will offer our guests a great discount at $22 plus tax per person! Not an offer to be missed!

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